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About Us

Seero is a comprehensive mobility platform for people, goods and everything that can be moved, it was designed to provide quality and diversified services that meet the needs and aspirations of our customers. The platform provides our valued subscribers with a various choices of high-quality vehicles, competitive and flexible prices, and distinguished captains who provide comfortable trips. We are currently focusing our efforts with our partners to reshape the daily lifestyle to achieve the concept of a comprehensive mobility service (Mobility as a Service), which operates to integrate various forms of mobility and services related with mobility into a single, comprehensive and on-demand mobility service


Our Vision

Inspiring and leading innovation in mobility service globally

Our Mision

Applying the innovation and creativity for the enhancement of mobility services in way that facilitated community life more and more.

Why Seero ?

  • Online Payment

    Do not have cash? no worries, you can pay with syberpay, farwy and bankak is coming soon.

  • Multiple Destinations

    One trip is enough for your needs. You can easily add stop points to the trip.

  • Saving!

    More distance traveled, less money you pay.

  • Favorite Captain

    Enhance your comfort and choose your favorite captain.

Seero application owns a distinguished fleet of cars at a high level of quality, in addition to a work team with a high level of experience and training, which qualifies the application to provide transportation services that meet the aspirations of our customers.

Invest Your Time

Increase Your Earnings

  • A front and back copy of the driver’s license
  • A copy of the vehicle’s license
  • A personal photo of you dear Captain
  • The general body of the vehicle must be in excellent condition
  • The year of manufacture of the vehicle shall not be less than 2005
  • The vehicle’s air-conditioning must be in good working order
  • In case the vehicle is shaded, a vehicle shade permit must be available
Applied Metered Fare
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Incentive for reaching remote clients
Online Payment

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